Anand Kapoor

Group Vice Chairman, Midcom Group

Dubai is dynamic & ever changing is how Anand Kapoor, Founder of Midcom Group, describes Dubai, his home since 2004, where he lives with his wife Anvita and two daughters, aged 15 and 10. Midcom Group is a major international conglomerate with an annual turnover exceeding $1.5 billion. The company is involved in industries namely telecommunications, dairy products, consumer electronics manufac­turing and distribution, education, commercial and residential real estate, dairy products and forex.

The secret to Dubai’s success is vision and execution. Both go hand in hand.

Kapoor sees Dubai consolidating its position as a preferred destination for tourism and trade in the region. “With the Expo 2020, the infrastructure growth that Dubai will experience would, in my opinion, establish Dubai as the preferred destination for entrepreneurs … It already is to a large extent, but I feel it will open a lot of doors to the West of this region – Europe and UK and we may see a number of companies from Dubai entering that part of the world, and a number of companies from the West expanding their presence in the region.”

The secret to Dubai’s success, he says, is vision and execution. “Both go hand in hand. Vision is very important, but a lot of people can have vision and not be able to execute the same. What impresses me most about Dubai is that here we dream big, and then we execute.”

Speaking about how Dubai has helped him succeed in business, Kapoor applauds the city’s highly business friendly environment. “It connects to all my major markets, provides a good infrastructure that can be leveraged upon and allows me access to talent that would usually be harder to find.” An avid golfer, he says the unique thing about Dubai is that it changes rapidly. “Keep coming back,” he suggests to any visitor. “It may feel like you are coming back to a new city.”