Chris Govier

General Manager, Xerox

Chris Govier has been in and out of Dubai since 1993. “I am actually on my third ‘tour’ to Dubai. I first came for a few years in 1993, then returned in 1998, and now on this occasion, I have been back since March 2015.”

His first impression of Dubai was that it was an exotic destination, packed with excitement and an overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere. “It has grown so much since then and continues to be a melting pot of diverse cultures and nationalities.”

After spending several years in the emirate, Chris believes that the secret of Dubai’s success lies in its vision and welcoming attitude towards different nationalities. “Dubai continues to look to the future and in many ways, defines it. Its entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to allow people from very different backgrounds to live side-by-side has also played a part in its success.”

Dubai’s ability to succeed, grow and be open to create different experiences has been a big influence on my professional approach to life.

Having arrived to Dubai as a vibrant young man from New Zealand, Chris was keen to experience the numerous opportunities Dubai had to offer. “In those days, the type of people who came here were more entrepreneurial, more open to risk taking – ‘trail blazers’ if you like.” He believes Dubai has played a fundamental role in his professional life, due to its multicultural environment and abundance of experiences. “I am so fortunate to have worked with people from all over the world, and to be able to embrace and celebrate such diversity has been a privilege.”

Chris considers Dubai his ‘home’, and having taken a career risk himself his advice to first time visitors is to do the same. “Remove your per-conceptions. Open your mind. Be adventurous. Take risks. Enjoy!”