Deepak Arora

Chief Executive Officer, DRA Group

Deepak Arora has seen Dubai growing out of the desert for the past 40 years. He came to Dubai in the early 70s soon after the UAE was formed, and has remained here since.

My Dubai has a distinct vibe

“I think the Rulers of Dubai and the UAE and their policies are a key factor in Dubai’s success. The focus on world class infrastructure in the city has really uplifted the lives of the people here,” he says. Arora feels that the business friendly policies give Dubai a distinct vibe, making the city comparable to any major city in any developed nation. “All this has been possible because of good leadership and governance, and all the credit must go to the rulers and their vision,” he adds.

Arora’s DRA Group spans the construction, real estate and logistics sectors, with City Diamond Contracting as the main construction arm for the group, together with MEPTECH LLC, the inhouse elctromechanical contracting firm, DRA Product Design, which executes fitout works, and logistics companies Triton Freight and DRA Logistics.

Arora says the world class infrastructure available in Dubai has not only helped his own operations, but is the primary reason Dubai is able to attracted many new companies, which in turn fuels the growth of his business. “I started my business in 1985 and I have seen that our growth is directly linked with the growth of Dubai,” he says.

In the run-up to the year 2020, Arora sees the infrastructure benefitting the most. In turn, he adds, “this will result in great benefits for the logistics, hospitality, construction, retail, and real estate sectors. These are key industries in Dubai and I feel the best is yet to come as Dubai prepares for 2020.”

He says that for a first time visitor to Dubai, a study of the contrast between the old and the new Dubai can be a lovely experience. “Dubai balances the past and the future beautifully.”