Dr Reem Osman

Chief Executive Officer, Saudi German Hospital

In search for the ‘perfect city’ to settle down in with her family, Reem first arrived in Dubai in October 2005. However, before making a final decision to move, she did plenty of research. “There are many factors to consider before moving to a new city. Since I wanted to have my family here, I mainly looked at children’s education, how safe the city is, and how it would help me professionally.”

For me, personally, working here was heaven for my personal advancement.

Aside from finding herself in the middle of a vibrant and attractive city, Reem was surprised by how relaxed she felt when she moved to Dubai. “I immediately felt at ease; the people were very friendly and welcoming. When moving to a new city, the most important thing is how comfortable you are with its system, the people around you, and the government officials you deal with.”

Reem believes that the key to Dubai’s success lies in its leadership style and vision. “The leaders believe in innovation and strive to overcome all obstacles to become number one. Their beliefs have become our beliefs in the hospital. We aim to be the best.”

She describes Dubai as “innovative” and thinks that it’s far more than just a great tourist destination, believing that the opportunities are limitless for newcomers of both genders. “As a female CEO, I can say from experience that Dubai is very supportive when it comes to the empowerment of women. I didn’t face any challenges being a woman; I received support and encouragement. Having said that, Dubai is a competitive city; you have to work hard to become successful. It is not a place for lazy people.”