Hussein AdamAli

Founder & Chairman, Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group

“The people and government were very welcoming when I arrived here in 1974 to set up my business,” says Hussein AdamAli, the Founder and Chair­man of Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group.

A welcoming attitude defines Dubai’s success

He attributes Dubai’s success to its dynamism and its visionary leadership, which he terms one of the best in the world. “The openness to welcome the world, coupled with the security and stability in the country is the reason more than 200 nationalities live and work here,” he says.

In September 1974, Hussein AdamAli set up Swiss Arabian Perfumes with the support of his Swiss Principals Givaudan S.A. Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group today employs over 1,000 in the UAE alone. It was the first perfume manufac­turing company in the Gulf. To date, Swiss Arabian Perfumes is one of the lead­ing perfume companies in the GCC with over 110 retail shops, catering to customers all over the world. AdamAli has substantial investments in the UAE property sector and is a Founder Member and Board Member of ENSHAA PSC which owns Palazzo Versace Hotel & Condominiums, Dl Tower, Capital Club and other properties. He is also the current Chairman of ICONS Club, which is made up of like-minded successful entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Speaking about the future, AdamAli says, I think Dubai has a tremendous future primarily because of its open-door policy. As for his own business, he categorically states: “We are here for the long-term.” And to anyone coming to Dubai, he advises: “Don’t be afraid to take risks because the opportunities are there for everyone.”