Osman Sultan

CEO, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du)

Osman Sultan moved to Dubai in 2005, and after living here for over a decade, he couldn’t be happier with his decision. “The last 12 years have been very exciting, innovative and the happiest in my life!”

The future is here, the future is bright.

His first impression of Dubai is the same as his current perception of the city. “When I first arrived in Dubai, I didn’t see the vast expanse of desert land. I saw a land of infinite opportunity – and over the last decade that’s exactly what Dubai has proven to be.”

Osman has watched Dubai prosper and develop into “a hub for entrepreneurship, talent, innovation and lifestyle.” He believes that Dubai’s success is due to the fast developing nature of the UAE and the visionary leaders ruling it. “We are genuinely lucky to live in a country whose leadership is progressive, ambitious and willing to take risks; this is the best place to be in the world right now.”

Having lived in several countries, Osman states that every country has given him particular insights and has shaped his views and values when it comes to professional life, and the UAE is no exception. “The UAE has really taught me both drive and resilience. The country has always been a supporter of innovation, proven not only by the Burj Khalifa and other engineering marvels, but also by the country’s high level of entrepreneurial ventures. I really admire the leadership for this and I am so proud that du is helping the government drive its vision to great new heights.”

Osman is well aware of how it feels to start a new life in a country as dynamic as Dubai. His advice to newcomers: “Don’t let the fast-paced city overwhelm you, have a target and follow it.”