Priya Khanna

Managing Director, Elements Fengshui

Young, ambitious and determined, 25-year old Priya Khanna arrived in Dubai for the first time with her daughter on 26th September 1990. “It was an experience that I distinctly remember. My memory is so fresh with the warmth of the emotions I felt on arriving in Dubai, 27 years ago.”

From day one, Priya was amazed by the cleanliness, infrastructure and culture of Dubai. “The architecture was mesmerising due to its deep-rooted cultural heritage. The Clock Tower was my favourite structure, closely followed by the Falcon Roundabout.” She was greeted with kindness and respect from everyone and felt genuinely welcomed in her new home. “I enjoyed the experience of meeting people from a completely different culture; they seemed so focused and extremely well-mannered.”

Dubai is my safe haven, my home and I love it beyond words.

Priya believes that Dubai’s success lies in the strong, honest, intelligent and futuristic visions of the country’s leaders. “the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Father of Dubai is probably one of the greatest leaders ever. His successors, especially His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, have been visionaries who have taken the city to the world. Their leadership has focused on the well-being and growth of the entire community.”

She thanks the city’s government for playing a vital role in her professional growth, as they offered her a formal platform to establish the very first Fengshui consultancy company and retail store, at a time where alternative therapies and energy modalities were not commonly known in the region. “I am very grateful to the broad-minded and futuristic approach of Dubai’s government for supporting positive living and the environmental balancing of energy.”

Priya considers Dubai her home now and summarised it as “Paradise”. For anyone visiting Dubai for the first time, Priya has one simple piece of advice: “Dubai offers a multitude of opportunities in every sphere – explore them and expand your horizons.”