Raju T. Jethwani

Founder & Group Chairman, Eurostar Group

“A people-friendly government, open immigration policies, advanced infra­structure, and security and stability make people visit Dubai, and those who visit, find it attractive enough to stay long-term,” says Raju Jethwani, Founder and Group Chairman of the Eurostar Group.

Right vision ensures bright future

“A platform similar to Dubai cannot be found anywhere in the world. It is an inspiration not only for the region, but also for other countries around the globe. People look towards Dubai as the future of a modern city, and they try to learn from it, and emulate its success.”

“When you are in the right place, at the right time, success is inevitable,” he says, hinting at the success Jethwani has himself found in Dubai. The variety of businesses that the Eurostar Group handles is testimony to the dynamic and vibrant nature of its founder Raju Jethwani. Never one to miss an oppor­tunity, Jethwani’s interests range from satellite receivers to consumer elec­tronics and packaged foods to real estate.

Eurostar has also recently embarked on a business initiative, QESCO, a joint venture with Quantum Italy, which makes sustainable energy management solutions and offers compa­nies a zero investment energy management programme. “Dubai’s future is bright. The government has the right vision, and is innovative, which will inev­itably lead it to success,” Jethwani adds.

His advice for anyone wanting to visit Dubai: “If you want to be amazed, come to Dubai. There is enjoyment here for everyone.”