Sunita Bhatia

Chief Executive Officer, TSSC FZCO

Sunita Bhatia’s journey as a resident of Dubai commenced on 15th April 1975, when she was just an 11-year old student. Upon her arrival, she recalls being overwhelmed with emotions. “I had mixed feelings because I had just left home and come to a new land. Fortunately, I had family and friends over here so I felt comfortable instantly. I received warmth, love and, above all, acceptance.”

Dubai is The City of Dreams.

She believes that the visionary rulers of Dubai are the main reason for its success, along with the acceptance of expatriates, which is demonstrated by the city’s people and government. “The foundation model of Dubai has been very welcoming. The rulers have initiated procedures, policies and practices to help people with their start-ups. In those days, people wanted growth.” In addition to that, Sunita feels that the location of the UAE works in its favour. “You can see Saudi Arabia on one side, North Africa, Jordan on the other sides. All of these countries are very near Dubai, making the emirate a melting pot for all the different cultures and societies.”

Being a woman, Sunita feels that Dubai is a strong advocate for the empowerment of women and has been very supportive in her journey as a female entrepreneur. “They always applaud women and their achievements. The culture in the society has accepted women on the same platform as men – they help out women in many ways. This motivation and acceptance helped my professional growth significantly.”

Her advice to someone visiting Dubai for the first time is to respect the customs of the UAE as a whole and accept the various nationalities and cultures, which have become the catalyst in helping to define this city. For those who wish to establish their business here, Sunita states: “Work hard, play smart and keep updating yourself with the latest trends and always play by the rules of the city. Only then you will be successful.”