Taher Shams

Managing Director, Zulekha Healthcare Group

“My first impression of Dubai was simply amazement, particularly regarding the infrastructure, and within a short period of time I fell in love with the place and my work at Zulekha, where I started my career immediately after completing my education,” Taher Shams explains.

The warmth that we experience as expats in Dubai allows us to retain a positive and optimistic attitude.

Calling Dubai home since September 1995, Taher believes that the city’s success has been fuelled by the leadership of its ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. “Many global business tycoons with big dreams have realised their potential here in Dubai. The cultural diversity and energy across all sectors, driven by discipline and strict governance, encourages business people to be innovative and positive – it is a potent mix.”

Taher goes on to say that Dubai has everything one needs to succeed, including access to global markets. “Dubai is where East meets West, so in a nutshell it has the best of both worlds.”

Describing Dubai as ‘dynamic’, Taher has some good advice for first-time visitors: “If you are merely a tourist or, alternatively, someone looking to settle and reside in Dubai, you will discover many new things, meet a global audience, and learn about different cultures. It is the most vibrant and well-equipped among the seven emirates of the UAE, with sports of all kinds, luxurious lifestyles, world-class infrastructure, and well-organised transport systems being just a few of the things visitors will immediately notice. Simply put, Dubai is a land filled with never-ending opportunities.”