Tanaz Dizadji

CEO & Founder Brand Ripplr, BuzzBee, Insydo

Moving to the UAE from London, Tanaz Dizadji was impressed to see the diversity of nationalities, cultures and people of all backgrounds living together in one dynamic city. Living here since 2011, she recognises the efforts the UAE continuously makes to ensure everyone feels welcome and can succeed. 

Talking about her own success, Tanaz says that the empowering nature of the UAE for entrepreneurs and high competitiveness made her strive to achieve what she considered impossible, stay on top of her game, and continuously push boundaries.

The secret to the country’s success, she says, lies in the UAE’s empowering of its people, both nationals and expatriates, and providing them with opportunities to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. “The UAE offers limitless opportunities and support for entrepreneurs looking to build their business.” She also points out that the stable environment for families to raise children in a robust education system, the entertainment facilities, “and most importantly, safety and stability,” are also crucial factors in the success of the UAE.

Tanaz, the multi-award-winning founder and CEO of influencer marketing and lifestyle platforms, has some sound advice for her younger self: “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good; We all strive to do our best, but if you are aiming for perfection, you can lose sight of the bigger picture and potentially stunt progress.”

Based in Dubai, Tanaz has been recognised as one of the ‘UAE’s 50 Most Influential Brits’ and ‘Business Leader of the Year’ by the region’s most prominent voices. Appearing on the cover of Forbes Middle East in 2018, her enterprises have received numerous accolades, including ‘StartUp of the Year’ and Web Summit’s ‘Favorited Startup’ in 2017.

For newcomers, she says, “the UAE is an easy place to get lost in. it’s packed, buzzing and can be overwhelming,” she says, adding that she’s seen many people spend years living and working here without truly appreciating all it has to offer. Her advice: “Allocate time to exploring your city, trying new hobbies and building your network across the different social groups and nationalities.” This, she says, will enable newcomers to learn and absorb different cultures and genuinely benefit from the experience.

Her one-word descriptor for the UAE: “Inspiring”.

Who is Tanaz Dizadji

Tanaz Dizadji is the Founder & CEO of Brand Ripplr, the Middle East’s leading influencer marketing platform that connects brands with over 60,000 content creators in the MENA region, with a consumer reach of over 50 million across major social media channels. Tanaz is also the founder of BuzzBee, the region’s leading barter/gifting influencer platform.