Ved S. Chhabra

Chairman, Inter Ocean Group

“Dubai provides almost all of the parameters required to operate a successful business,” says Ved Chhabra, Chairman of Inter Ocean Group of Companies. “The leaders have a vision and their applications are exemplary, nowhere else seen in the world.” With these parameters in place, Chhabra says, “It would be difficult for somebody not to succeed in Dubai, and, if the entrepreneur has the experience and the business is founded on right principles with an ability to see where, and in which industry the prospects are the brightest, the venture is bound to succeed.”

It is difficult not to succeed in Dubai

Founded in 1991 in Dubai, Inter Ocean Ship Repair LLC undertakes all types of ship repair activities. As the founder and promoter, Chhabra has steered the company to grow to a size where its reputation has been recognised not only in the UAE, but also in other maritime centres of the world.

Praising Dubai, he says, “In many respects, Dubai outshines Singapore or neighbouring countries which are trying to place their footprint in the ship repair and ship building industry.” Chhabra states with confidence, “The days leading up to the year 2020 will be a period of all round green field progress, and beyond that, the facilities created for Expo 2020 will permanently enhance Dubai’s good repu¬≠tation, which will continue to attract investment.”

“I love Dubai,” he says, and defines Dubai as “exhilarating.”

Chhabra’s message to visitors: “Dubai meets the world’s best standards which appeal to international communities. I am a long-time resident here, the place keeps my family and me enthralled.”